African American Ladies Empowered to Grow Opportunities

President Commissioner Hattie Daniels- Rush

Board Members
Congress Woman Gwen Moore 
Senator Lena Taylor
Senator Nikiya Harris-Dodd
State Representative Latonya  Johnson
Alderman Woman Milele Coggs
Stephanie Findley

Please note that each board member will be allowed to bring ten talented and learned woman who will work under each targeted areas. Each Target area will host an event once a month and the total committee will meet a total of four time a year every three months.  Each member should send to Ericka Rush ( sharper42@aol.com)
(list)' their names, their email, telephone landline number, mailing address so that we can send out invites for the first meeting which will be headed the first Saturday of August time: 12 noon location TBA 


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